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Zoom Account Changes for UChicago Medicine and BSD

On March 15, 2023, IT Services migrated all UChicago Medicine and BSD Zoom accounts to the main UChicago Zoom account (uchicago.zoom.us). This change was driven by necessary enhancements to our authorization process.

Now that your account is migrated, you can access your account online using the uchicago.zoom.us URL to log in. To access your account via the Zoom desktop application, sign in using the SSO option and enter uchicago as your new domain.

Previously scheduled meetings will be transferred with your account. However, depending on how you use Zoom, you may need to take additional actions.

Please review the summary of changes and instructions below.

Will Transfer

  • Profile Details (name, email, etc.)
  • Scheduled Meetings
  • Scheduled Webinars
  • Account Settings

Will Not Transfer

  • Historical Reporting
  • Polling Data
  • Attendance Data
  • Registration Data
  • Scheduling Privilege
  • Previous Meeting History

Additional Actions to Manage your Account Settings

Before March 15 – Download Existing Meeting Reports

If you need to save your Zoom meeting and webinar reports, we recommend downloading these before March 15. Meeting reports will not transfer to the new account. This includes polling data, attendance, and registration data.

After March 15 – Log in to uchicago.zoom.us using SSO

If you are using the Zoom application on your computer or mobile device, follow the instructions below to sign into your Zoom account at its new location:

  1. If you are currently signed into your account using the Zoom desktop application or mobile app, sign out of the account
  2. Click on your profile name/icon at the top of the main Zoom window and select “Sign Out” at the bottom of the menu.
  3. From the Zoom login window, select the “SSO” icon (“Continue with SSO” in the mobile app).
  4. In the “Enter Your Company Domain” field, enter “uchicago”:
  5. When prompted, sign in using your CNetID/UCMEDID and password. You may be prompted with a DUO confirmation step.
  6. Once you authenticate, you can use your Zoom account on the UChicago site. If you have scheduled meetings, please confirm that these have been moved over and that meeting links work.
Rescheduling Meetings

Although your previously scheduled meetings and meeting links will transfer, we strongly recommend scheduling meetings or invitations again, particularly for any recurring meetings. Users joining a meeting that was scheduled before the migration may see a pop-up message that says they are joining an “External Meeting.” This is because the account is now on the UChicago domain. 

Delete the Zoom meeting and reschedule it to  remove this message. For recurring meetings, make sure to change the Zoom link in the series.

Note: Old meeting links will show the following URL: http://uchicagomedicine.zoom.us/. New meeting links will come from http://uchicago.zoom.us/

If you are using a Zoom application on your computer or mobile device:

  1. Click the top-right button that contains your profile (typically your initials). This brings up a drop-down menu.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of that menu and click “Switch Account.” This brings you to a “Sign In” dialog box.
  3. On the right, click the “Sign In With SSO” button.
  4. Login using your CNetID and password.

If you are using your web browser, choose the appropriate UChicago Zoom sign-in website. Click the “Sign In” button to access your Zoom account.

Alternative-host and Scheduling Privileges

You may need to re-establish some Zoom meeting settings, such as alternative hosts, scheduling privileges, and access to existing meeting reports. Existing alternative host and scheduling privilege relationships will not transfer over and must be re-entered. After the migration, you will need to re-invite alternative hosts or reassign scheduling privileges in the meeting settings.

Note: Be sure to invite your alternative hosts and users with scheduling privileges using their Zoom user names (e.g.,cnetid@uchicago.edu or ucmedid@uchicago.edu).

Cloud Recordings and Closed Captions

Unless you have received an exemption from your security/privacy team, some of your Zoom settings may change to be compliant with current UCM HIPAA settings. Exceptions are granted on a limited basis. Review the UCM Exception Policy (log in required) prior to requesting an exemption.

Unless you have received an exemption, you will no longer be able to record to the cloud or access your cloud-recordings after the migration on March 15. If you have cloud recordings of meetings or webinars, please download your recordings to your PC prior to the migration date.

Note: All users will retain the ability to record locally and to access local recordings.

Automated captions are disabled. Manual captions are enabled and allow the meeting host to type closed captions or assign a participant or third-party service to add closed captions.

How do I get support?

Need help with Zoom? Visit the IT Services Knowledge Base, Zoom’s robust help site, or contact the IT Services Service Desk.