Web Conferencing with Zoom

Claim a Zoom Account

All University of Chicago and UChicago Medicine instructors, staff, and students have access to a Zoom “Pro” account at no cost. To claim a new Zoom account, follow the instructions below.

UChicago and UChicago Medicine Instructors, Students, and Staff
  1. Go to your Zoom sign-in website.
  2. Click the Sign In button at the bottom of the main window.
  3. If you are not already signed in with Single Sign-On (SSO), you will need to select Sign in with SSO.
  4. Enter your CNetID and password and complete two-factor authentication, if prompted.
    Note: UChicago Medicine users without a CNetID can log in to Zoom with a UCHADID and password.
  5. Zoom will auto-generate an account for you. You will be redirected to your Zoom profile page to schedule and host meetings, and to customize your settings.​

Note: You no longer need to submit a Zoom account request form or provide an FAS account to claim your Zoom account.

Professional School and Ingalls Memorial Hospital Staff

If you are Professional School faculty or staff or Ingalls Memorial Hospital staff, complete the request form to obtain a new UChicago Zoom account. This form also allows you to change an existing Zoom account or delete a Zoom account that is no longer needed. 

Group Accounts

If you need a group account, submit the group account request form to obtain a UChicago Zoom account. Because all faculty, staff, and students can automatically claim Zoom accounts, consider if you still have a need for a group account before submitting the form. You will need to provide an FAS number to claim a group account.

Webinar Requests

If you need to host a webinar, complete the webinar request form to request a short-term loan of an IT Services webinar license or to initiate a purchase of a dedicated license. Webinars have slightly different functionality than meetings and should be considered when you plan to host a large event (100+ attendees) using a lecture or presentation format.

Details about lending terms, license costs, and feature comparisons are provided in the Zoom Webinar Overview.